Blog 4

I found this article to be particularly interesting because I guess I never really thought about what other people would think of my Facebook. This doesn’t mean that I just post what ever I want to. I’ve always viewed Facebook as a communication tool and a way to say things publicly people may care about. I try to keep my Facebook posts and pictures to things that I think are relevant and important in my life. One thing I struggle with on Facebook is promoting my band. When we play shows I’d like to post it to my Facebook so people not following the band page could see it but at the same time I don’t want to be that guy. There’s a fine line between casual promotion and over the top narcissism.
The concept of meta insight explains a lot about how people get the idea to post some of the things they do on Facebook. I have one friend who does nothing but posts pictures of his car and shirtless mirror pics. I referenced his page and the last 87 uploads are literally one of those things. I see this as him wanting to be seen as that type of person so he does everything with in his virtual power to make this happen.
In my googling for this article I found a funny blog that satirizes the narcissist’s facebook posting style. He says such things as “keep any photo of you looking expensive…” or “any picture taken by a Polaroid…(O’Connell, 2010).” This type of thing is exactly what someone would do who is trying to seem cooler than they really are by taking out all the real pictures from their Facebook and leaving the ones that maintain their desired image. This is exactly why Facebook is rarely a reliable show of who someone is but rather their personality and what they want to be seen as.

Carlson, E., Vazire, S., & Furr, R. (2011). Meta-insight: do people really know how others see them?
Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology, 101(4), 831-846.

O’Connell, R. (2010, September 21). [Web log message]. Retrieved from


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