Blog 2

I find Facebook’s impact on our day to day life to be a fascinating one to track. With an iPhone and a Facebook account one could literally account everything that happens to them that day and share it with as many people care to look. This can potentially have a huge impact on those sharing and those reading the shared stories. I personally see Facebook as helping certain relationships and hindering others.
As I examine my life I can think of instances where it has both helped and hurt me and those around me. I remember freshman year here I was tagged a picture with a girl and not half an hour after it’s posting I had gotten a phone call from her boyfriend explaining he was about to drive from Statesboro to “handle the situation”. I guess jealousy and half of a whole picture can get the best of some people. You should never put that much stock into what you see on the internet simply because its open for everyone to edit and it’s detached from reality. You can create any illusion you want to on the web and sometimes that’s what it’s all about for people. I’ve heard of people actually breaking up because one person didn’t want to change their relationship status on Facebook (Kindrick, 2010).
I started to think about what life would be like if you had no other friends than the ones on Facebook. I mean that you don’t leave your house and the only way you communicate with people is via Facebook. I began trying to search for a case of this and I found the story of ArLynn Presser, an agoraphobic who’s condition was so serious that she wouldn’t leave the house unless she absolutely had to. To help alleviate her condition she made a new years resolution to meet all almost 400 of her Facebook friends face to face. She realized that “I have no idea who some of these people are really.” She took on this challenge and as word spread to other people who suffer from the same kind of problems she reached the maximum number of Facebook friends allowed, 5000. (Townsend, 2013)
I’ve never had many friends have problems with Facebook but if I did I would try to explain to them that it’s not that important and that it’s not something that is really effecting their life. They should stand back and analyze how their life actually looks off Facebook. I would remind them to take a look at relevant facts in life and count their assets because you usually come out on top and Facebook is far from relevant because it’s a facade to real life that can be made to look anyway you want. You ultimately just have to chose that you’re not going to listen to

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