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After reading Walsh’s article about Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes I found many congruences with how I live my life and the things I do to keep a positive mental attitude. Walsh mentioned diet, regular exercise and recreational activity specifically as things to keep in your regular schedule for dealing with ADHD, depression, anxiety and other mental ailments or simply getting the most out of life possible. Walsh mentioned things such as nature, relationships, religious or spiritual involvement and relaxation. My favorite part of this type of therapy is how obtainable the results are and also how it is a natural remedy. I personally pills to be too quickly turned to these days because people want immediate results and have too much faith in the more technologically advanced way of doing things.
I utilize a similar battery of lifestyle choices to keep myself living the good life. For example, If I’m having an especially hard time with school I’ll be sure to keep good food around the house so I’ll at least feel like I’m doing well. If my head feels fuzzy or getting stressed I’ll get on my bike and ride until I feel right again which is surprisingly effective. There’s even other research to show that my methods are effective besides my own observation. Research conducted in three Japanese office buildings asking about if they commuted via bicycle it was concluded that cycling contributed to their mental well being.(1)  If motivation is an issue for obtaining this lifestyle change then there are tools available such as which helps users keep track of goals through the use of apps.(2) In social networking you might could link superbetter to a facebook account to allow friends to track progress. Also, you could use social networking to find work out partners to encourage you to stay on track. It could also be useful to inform friends via social networks of your plans just to hold yourself more accountable. I even found a social networking blog devoted to helping people lose weight by keeping each other accountable. (3) These kinds of honor systems along with staying on top of things in general will make anyone successful.

Walsh, Roger. “Lifestyle and Mental Health.” American Psychologist 66.7 (2011): 579-92. Web. 15 Jan. 2013.


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